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Offshore Development

We can significantly reduce the development costs by drawing on the extensive resources at our facilities in India . With our project managers in the U.S. , Mindwave is able to effectively manage and utilize a credible and reliable pool of knowledge and expertise. This provides the added benefit to our clients that the project is being executed by a known source that has proven skills in the areas required to complete the project. Our outsourcing services allow you to access our dedicated team of in-house project managers and software developers to produce software according to your exact specifications. Outsourcing your software development projects to Mindwave Solutions provides you:

Flexibility : Mindwave offers several outsourcing models that enable you to effectively control your software development costs. These models include: joint ventures , fixed cost deliverables, and time and materials based development.

Specializations : Our in-house staff features software developers with specializations in a wide variety of software development technologies as well as industry-specific specializations in Financial, Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, Retail and Government.

Quality assurance : The central element in this methodology is Mindwave's quality system. We follow Industry proven processes and procedures in place to deliver high-end quality products.

Warranty :Mindwave offers a 3 months warranty on all software that we develop in-house.

Consulting Services

Mindwave Consultants provides you with the highest quality implementation services available in the Information Technology Industry. We pride ourselves on understanding and matching the needs and expectations of our Clients and Candidates. We do this by combining our industry knowledge and listening skills with a thorough in-house candidate database to produce timely, effective results.

We utilize the most advanced technology available to consistently serve you in a prompt, efficient manner.

We remain in constant contact with our clients throughout the assignment, following the consultant's progress and the success of the project.

Some of the benefits of our services:

Cost Effectiveness : In business today, everyone is concerned with the bottom line. In our industry, the quality and long-term value of consulting services determine cost effectiveness. Mindwave provides practical, affordable solutions to help you stay within your project budget.

Cutting Edge Technologies : We provide consulting services in all latest technologies. Our consultants are high experienced and well trained in different technologies.

Quality assurance : We realize the importance and the visibility of the work we do. We distinguish ourselves by offering our customers personal service throughout the assignment and our 100% commitment to "getting the job done right the first time." Our Quality Assurance program surveys both our clients and consultants for their feedback. Their information helps us gauge the success of our services and identify areas, which may need improvement.

Consultant Management :We maintain continual contacts with our consultants while they are on assignment. We work on all the issues related consultant project assignment. We maintain continual contacts with consultant supervisor or Manager

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