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Data Warehousing is not a new phenomenon. All large organizations already have data warehouses, but they are just not managing them. Over the next few years, the growth of data warehousing is going to be enormous with new products and technologies coming out frequently. In order to get the most out of this period, it is going to be important that data warehouse planners and developers have a clear idea of what they are looking for and then choose strategies and methods that will provide them with performance today and flexibility for tomorrow.

    Typical data warehouse application users:
  • Executives and managers.
  • "Power" users (business and financial analysts,engineers, etc.).
  • Support users (clerical, administrative, etc.).
    Data Warehouse Architecture:
  • Operational Database / External Database Layer
  • Information Access Layer
  • Data Access Layer
  • Data Directory (Metadata) Layer
  • Process Management Layer
  • Application Messaging Layer
  • Data Warehouse Layer
  • Data Staging Layer
    Developing Data Warehouses:
  • Developing a Data Warehouse Strategy
  • Evolving a Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Designing Data Warehouses
  • Managing Data Warehouses
  • Future Developments

Data Warehousing is such a new field that it is difficult to estimate what new developments are likely to most affect it. Clearly, the development of parallel DB servers with improved query engines is likely to be one of the most important. Parallel servers will make it possible to access huge data bases in much less time. Another new technology is data warehouses that allow for the mixing of traditional numbers, text and multi-media. The availability of improved tools for data visualization (business intelligence) will allow users to see things that could never be seen before.

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