Our Process

In this current exigent competitive world it is very much needed to be adept and adapt to new requirements or challenges while focusing on the quality. Our mission is to provide ultimate exposition with quality which adds the highest business value to the client at a quick turn-around time.
Agile is the key that helps the team at Mindwave create the most valuable outcome of software for our customers, on time, and on budget. We use a custom agile development process that helps to incorporate changes to the app at any point of the development process. Our process emphasizes on Listen, Playback, Design, Development, Test and Launch phases. The agile process provides opportunities to assess the direction of a project throughout each delivery lifecycle as every aspect of development – design, implementation, test, etc. – is iteratively revisited, revised and refactored as required. At the end of each development cycle (a ‘sprint’ typically 2-4 weeks) the team presents a potentially shippable product increment. This is when the team will stop and re-evaluate the direction of the project and incorporate valuable client feedback into the next iteration (next ‘sprint’).


The customer elaborates on their mobile/web app idea or business problem in the initial phase.
Our team captures requirements in details.
Here our qualified team of Project Manager, Solution Architect and Tech Lead will access the client expectations.


Our team will go over the app features based on the understanding from the initial session.
The creative team will produce wireframes and demonstrate our understanding of the application to the customer.
The architect and his team lists out the App deployment channels and external system dependencies.

UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX team will produce pixel-perfect user interface screens for the application.
Discuss with client about UI changes.
Explain UX design approach.
Rework on the UI/UX based on the customer feedback.


During this stage our architecture team and tech leads brainstorm and come up with architecture and design of the App.
Document high level architecture and design details.
Our Project Manager, Tech Lead and UI/UX architect will advise and consult with client during this stage.


Develop user interface screens.
Develop server side coding, if needed.
Integrate with different systems like payment gateways.
Complete individual components testing.
During this stage our team shares status on weekly basis with client.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team involves in the project right from the scratch in design, development and as and when needed.
Our team takes your app seriously and tests end to end features thoroughly.
Demonstrates the working features to customer on regular basis.


At this stage we deploy the app in private mode so that customer can test and validate the application.
Our team helps customer/client to setup test data and external systems like payment gateway during the test.
Our development team continuously takes the feedback and fixes the concerns reported by customer/client.


We will take care of the complete launch process.
We will make the app live on AppStore/PlayStore or within the enterprise based on the client requirements.
We will create required content for the app and create images to showcase the app in AppStore/PlayStore.
We will create a landing page per customer specifications.

Warranty & Maintenance

We provide standard 90 days warranty period. During this period we will fix any bugs found in the App.
Once App is live we will monitor the App and suggest changes/enhancements.
We will also provide production support if App requires any regular maintenance like data loads, image updates.